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Passenger App

Unlike some companies where you have to phone or email to get a quote or to make a booking, since 2019 we have had the ability to offer our clients an online booking system through our website which you can book a car in 5 easy steps on either your phone, tablet, laptop or computer. This can be done for new and existing clients.

We have now taken this further with the introduction of our new Voyager Passenger App for existing clients. Through the app, not only will you be able to see your current bookings but make new ones, check on the status of your booking, edit it and more.

Mobile Phone Passenger App

Download the App

Go to the app store and search for "The Voyager" and download to your phone.

Voyager Passenger App

Complete the Settings Page

On the settings page, enter WCS as the company name and your details as requested.

In the mobile No you have to enter your mobile number as +44 and leave out the first  "0". After pressing Register, you will be sent a security code to be put in.

Set Up

Using the App

Any current bookings will be displayed on the home screen. If you press on a booking it will open up to give you more details.

To make a new booking, press on the "+" logo on the top right and follow the instructions.

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